We are constantly looking for the most experienced, passionate web professionals we can find. If you are looking for a place where creativity, experience and passion are valued over how you early you get into work, then drop us a line.

Creative Director

Unbridled Brain is seeking a Creative Director or Senior Art Director looking for a more entrepreneurial opportunity. As a brand-new agency we are looking for an experienced creative professional with a passion for amazing design and the ability to sell it.

If you’ve ever walked away from an engagement or considered violence when a client couldn’t see you were right (and you were right!) you are in the running. If you’ve been doing this on your own for a while and now want the chance to help a new agency grow to its potential, you are the right person. If you don’t know what you would be doing right now if Al Gore hadn’t invented the internet, cause who wants to design static print stuff anyway, then you need to respond immediately.

Unbridled Brain is about passion, excitement and limitless potential. If any of that sounds great, shoot us a note; if not, go back and finish up the 10th round of comps for that Auto Body Shop website and don’t let all this talk of passion, excitement and potential get you too stirred up.

The small print



Email: Phone: 408.410.9660


  • User Experience (UX)
  • Design
  • Web Application Engineering
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Web Analytics